[Wishful Endings] The Raven Cycle – Adam is Evil Theory

Do you ever spend more time theorizing about a book than what you did reading it?

This series is for you then. Today I’ll be trying something slightly different, and that I would enjoy to be repeating in the future ! A couple of book theories smashed together and what in my opinion would’ve the perfect ending for The Raven Cycle Series (The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily Lily Blue & The Raven King)

This theory post will be rather short ! However, keep in tune for tomorrow when I return with the second half of my theory at great length.

Now beware. Spoilers are obviously ahead !

How I wished The Raven Cycle Series would’ve ended:

 Adam is evil:

Adam never gets better and instead his deal with Cabeswater starts to get the better of himself. Their contract begins consuming him, to the point he’s becoming an empty, malleable creature that’s only filled with his anger and resentment towards Gansey. The entire process is witnessed by Ronan, who’s pained by Adam’s suffering and goes down in a spiral of desperate self hatred and maniacal insistence to snap Adam out of it as he’s being controlled by his own creation. Cabeswater represents Ronan’s dreams and nightmares and is thus, as its core, Ronan’s essence: The self-loathing that Ronan had long gotten over with and pushed aside in the Dream Thieves bottling up in Adam instead. Further playing into the recurring subject of Adam feeling like he was constantly controlled by others and he couldn’t be himself.

I was originally sure on the Adam is evil theory when he began changing after his sacrifice to Cabeswater and his impending breakup with Blue. I believed the way Maggie was avoiding us to stay hung up on Adam was by going through the typical: “Haha, no reason to love him, he’s evil.” Formula– And I’ll admit I was thrilled it was developed otherwise and Maggie proved to be a smarter author. However, I will admit I still would’ve loved evil Adam if it brought him closer to Ronan.

Gansey was back stabbed:

True love’s kiss doesn’t in fact kill y’all ! Despite how terribly in love and blown away I was with the explanation as to why Blue’s kiss killed Gansey, I still felt it brought on many plot holes i.e If they were mirrors reflecting each other, why did a kiss have to seal it? Why couldn’t it standing right in front of each other? Or reflections reflecting back at each other. Was it uniting bodies? Wouldn’t holding hands unite them as well? Just any general touching? If they had sex Pretty Woman style and didn’t kiss, would it have also killed Gansey because bodies are also uniting… As hard as reflecting into each other that gets.

If Adam slowly sank into that Ronan-hatred induced madness, possessed by the Unmaker demon, seeing Gansey and Blue kiss just brings him over the edge. It’s not Blue’s kiss that kills him with some deadly energy or disease, but instead Adam stabbing his best friend in the back over the sight of him and Blue kissing.

Then the entire worse case scenario vision comes true, as Ronan looks at Adam horrified and asks “If he’s happy now”.


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